I recently started a new project, called lancaster.gay. It's a web directory of queer events, groups, non-profits and businesses in Lancaster, UK. It's had a pretty good reception with the local queer community!

To help fund the hosting of this project, I've started an Etsy store; its name is The Queer Oracle, named for the fact that I'm queer and I read and design tarot. 

I'm selling tarot and pride-themed stickers! At the time of writing there's only one product but with plenty of samples on the way for more.

I'd appreciate it if you give it a look over, especially if you buy a sticker or two!

My hand, holding up a tarot-sized tarot sticker. It is the High Priestess, and shows a woman with long hair that is being messed with by wind. She is glowing, and her one visible eye is golden. Above her are the phases of the moon.