Lancaster is proud
Lancaster is Proud

When I moved to Lancaster at the start of 2020, right before the pandemic hit, I knew no one. I still don't know many people, but thanks to meeting one of my neighbours, I've been introduced to a thriving queer group. It's the sort of thing that makes me think, "I've found my people".

In honour of pride, I've been working on something that would allow others like me to find their communities: It's a website built and maintained solely by myself, where trans-inclusive queer groups and events can be submitted. 

A screenshot of the homepage for It has big, rainbow lettering saying Lancaster is Proud.

Each group and event has a target identity (All LGBTQIA+, gay men, lesbians, trans people, etc), with cute but subtle visual cues to make them easily identifiable.

A screenshot of the events page of There are two events, with the images bordered in the pride flag colours.

There's a lot of potential for the site to expand in the future if people want it, such as:

  • queer-friendly groups and events
  • queer-owned groups and events
  • queer businesses
  • queer organisations (like charities)

I really hope people take an interest in the site, because I really do think it is going to so helpful for so many people.

If you're running a queer event, or leading a queer group, take a look at my submissions page, or send me an email.