I started volunteering with Pontefract Civic Society (PCS) in June, 2019, where I created the Pontefract Blue Plaque Guide, among other design projects. I was unemployed from June to January, and they gave me the opportunity to help them do some good in my local area. Now that I am employed and living in Lancaster, they need someone with a design skillset to help do what I’ve been doing.

Who are Pontefract Civic Society?

Pontefract Civic Society are a registered charity in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, made up of local volunteers. In 2019, they celebrated their 50th anniversary. They support local businesses, work alongside the council, support and host local events, offer public talks, champion for better rail, and celebrate the rich, millennia long heritage of Pontefract.

Design awards
Pontefract’s 2019 Design Awards.

They recently hosted the 2019 Design Awards, where they awarded eight framed certificates and the Countess of Rosse Façade of the Year plaque to local businesses in Pontefract. The Countess of Rosse Façade of the Year plaque went to Brad Walton, owner of The Gentleman’s Quarter on Market Place.

In January, 2020, they were visited by BBC Radio Leeds’ Andrew Edwards, and in July, 2019, Pontefract was announced as the ‘best dressed town’ in the Tour de Yorkshire by Visit Yorkshire, thanks in part to the efforts of Pontefract Civic Society in bringing the town together.

Tdy award
Vice Chair, Phil Cook, holding the Best Dressed Town award.

How can I help?

Pontefract Civic Society are always looking for new members to join them, from individuals, to households and businesses. The best way for you to help is to become a member and become involved.

Right now, due to my new job, I cannot do the design work I could while I was unemployed. If you have skills in Adobe InDesign and can do design for print, you are sorely needed. Some examples of the work I have done for PCS include:

  • Pontefract’s Blue Plaque Guide
  • Pontefract Town Hall history leaflet
  • The J.S. Fletcher G.P. Rhodes Collaboration poster (seen on social media)
  • Pomfretian rail adverts

I’m currently involved with the print work for May’s VE Day celebrations, so watch this space. This is the perfect opportunity to build your portfolio or gain experience, and an excellent way to give back to the community in Pontefract.

Whether you’re joining, volunteering or supporting from the sidelines, your help will always be appreciated.

Get in touch

If you care about Pontefract, consider joining. Get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or through their website.